The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Friday, June 3, 2011

it'll be quiet.

Well, just a forewarning that you should not expect to hear from me all weekend. After spending Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights studying and reading and watching videos, Meg and I have our SCUBA class all weekend. Tonight, all day tomorrow, and Sunday afternoon/evening. Chad and I also have our week in the kids church so it is going to be a full, fun, and exhausting weekend.

Going to Dalton this afternoon to drop off my friend/co-worker/gym-buddy K to meet her husband. They are leaving for a week of vacation and I’m super jealous (not that my turn isn’t coming and she can be jealous!). Just having a week off work with no worries is such a blessing. Hopefully I can make a stop into the outlet malls nearby and see if I can find a couple of things for our trip…