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Sunday, June 19, 2011

for my dad.

This is for my Dad - who I don't think even reads my blog (hey mom, help the guy out!!):

Thanks Dad -
for every time you gave me gas money,
for every basketball game you sat through that I barely played in and for cheering me on when I did,
for telling me that you are proud of me every time I brought home good grades and telling me that you knew I could do better when I brought home grades that weren't so great (because you knew I really could),
for every hug and kiss,
for every "don't come home late" knowing I was going to anyway,
for paying for a year of my college tuition when I bombed a math class and refused to agree with a philosophy teacher and lost my scholarship,
for buying me a car (ahem - or 3 cars.),
for rasing me to be dependable, honest, thoughtful, independent, and happy,
for loving my mom and my sisters and me,
for sacrificing for us for many, many years so that we could have a great life, go to a great school, take amazing summer vacations,
for taking me and my sister to Hawaii and Mexico when you could have left us home with the grandparents,
for being excited to see me when I come home now,
for calling me "Pooh Bear" - my most endeared nickname (I guess I'm telling family secrets here...),
for telling Chad - when he asked for my hand in marriage - that "I just want her to be happy." because I truly am.

I am so thankful, blessed, and honored to be your daughter. Hope you have a wonderful Father's Day and I am sorry that I am not there with you but I promise, I will be soon!! See you in 16 days!

P.S. I am also thankful for my father-in-law who treats me like his own daughter. I married into a wonderful family and I am eternally grateful.