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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the plague.

I stayed home sick today with the plague that Chad so sweetly brought home from work. Apparently all the guys passed it around in the past couple weeks and it came home to visit us (though frankly, I wasn't willing to give up kissing him to avoid it - was that too much information?). Other than feeling like my head might just possibly explode and like my throat may just be on fire, I am feeling OK. True confessions though, I went to the gym this morning - thinking that was a good idea - and then came home and went back to bed. For 3 hours. Yes, my name is Paula and I slept until 12:30. Obviously I needed it but I also needed to go to work today. I guess I needed the sleep more. I watched a movie this afternoon and I am about to go jump in the shower and head outside for some fresh air - hoping that will improve my mood even more. Maybe tomorrow morning I won't feel so much like death and I can go to work.


BParrish said...

Elderberry syrup. It's anti-viral and keeps the virus from replicating. Sold as Sambucus. That is all....