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Friday, March 11, 2011

oh weekends.

It shall probably be an uneventful weekend. I took the afternoon off today after working quite late Tuesday and Thursday nights. It was nice to not have much to do...I ran an errand for Chad and then spent some time with my friend A who just got back from a tour de Europe. She had fun stories to tell and I really enjoyed gabbing with her at Panera for a while. Fun to just hang with a gal and talk about lots of nothing...hopefully we might get together tomorrow and she can help me start to look for some new clothes. Sadly I have not lost the weight I had planned on losing by now but I am still faithfully going to the gym 5 mornings a week. I've been taking weekends off to just sleep in and enjoy some nothing time but it is still frustrating. As my job flexes and grows and changes, I have discovered that my typically business casual wardrobe will no longer be quite as appropriate. I am needing to aquire a bit more business and less casual things so I will be looking at sale racks, TJ Maxx (even though the chaos makes me a bit twitchy), etc. for some good deals. Need the clothes but don't really have the money to blow on wardrobe changes.
Chad is teaching all this weekend and next weeked so I am looking for ways to entertain myself. Do I hear a craft project coming? I am totally open to suggestions!


dani macsnider said...

kohls is another good place to look for dress clothes. i found a pair of nice black slacks for 14$! original 48!! their sale racks aren't as stressful as tjmaxx!