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Saturday, March 12, 2011

getting close.

It has been an incredibly productive day today. Since Chad is out teaching a lifeguarding class all weekend, I had all last night and today to do whatever I wanted to do. Last night = I did NOTHING. I mean literally - dropped Chad off, came home, played on the computer, read some magazines that came in the mail this week, and went a picked Chad back up (his car is in the shop where it has been for 4 weeks - long, unpleasant story). Today, however, I was much more productive. I dropped Chad off, went to check on his car (they were not open - shocker.), ran some errands with Uncle J (who was going with me to help pick up the car - I think he got out of bed for no reason and I feel bad about it), then I came home and took a nap. A 2 hour nap. Productive? You betcha. I obviously needed it. Hope I didn't screw myself over for sleeping tonight though...maybe I should take a walk this afternoon. Anyway, I then proceeded to: do 3 loads of laundry - last is in the dryer, vacuum all the hardwood floors (just say no to Gwendolen tumbleweeds), cleaned the kitchen, and ran a load of dishes. I still need a shower but since I have to go pick Chad back up in a little while, I can wait. He wants to go run when he gets back so I can go for a walk and shower in the time he will run (Saturdays are his long run days - training for another race!).

I am just a couple of posts away from 700. Never thought I would get this far...even though - apologies - I never really have much to say. How should I celebrate?

I am craving BBQ for dinner. Chattanoogans - what is your favorite BBQ place?


dani macsnider said...

i totally forgot you have one of these!! well now i know what to get you from now on!! its really awesome. im crazzzy about it!! can you take pics of yours?? i want to see what beads you have!