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Friday, March 18, 2011

i know.

I have really been enjoying watching this surprise us and start to bloom in our yard. There are some nice bulbs in the flower beds (that have looked rather pitiful since we moved in during the late spring last year). Some pretty things near the front steps...
Then our entire yard is covered in flowering weeds - so pretty that I won't let Chad cut the grass just yet - even though it really needs it!

And a beautiful blooming purpleness (someone called it a tulip something-or-other?) in the front yard. Check out Lookout Mtn. in the background - love living at the base of the mtn!

Chad added two more supers to the bee hive in the back yard over the weekend and the bees have already discovered them and started working on filling out the wax. It looks like this early spring warmness might bring us some decent honey later this summer/fall! We might give little jars for Christmas presents! Hello Spring!


BParrish said...

I'm so jealous you have bees and fresh honey. I hope they do well and produce a lot for ya.

Sis said...

Trade eggs for honey?