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Saturday, November 27, 2010

bad blogger.

Sorry I am such a bad blogger - I promise I am trying to do better. I just find so many other things to do that I sort of forget.

Our 24 hours in Blue Ridge, GA with Chad's family was nice. I love that their family get togethers always include a few friends that have become family. It is a sweet reminder that we are all family really when it comes down to it...

Went to the townhouse and got our Christmas decorations yesterday, minus the tree. I think we might go fake-o this year and get the one out of storage. I already vacuum too much and adding a live/slowly dying tree to my living room will only increase that....oh, but they are so lovely and smell so festive! Hard choice.

Finishing the decorating today hopefully. Front porch is looking good. Chad is going to insulate under our house - I kindly explained that I will NOT be crawling under the house for a multitude of reasons - tight spaces only being one of them.

We are keeping the nursery at church tomorrow morning for the early service - they asked what age group we wanted and I put in a request for "at least potty trained?". :)


Anonymous said...

1 - I vote for a fake tree and a holiday-scented candle.

2 - Would Mike Rowe happen to be responsible for you refusing to go under the house?

~ jg

Danielle said...

real tree all the way..... are you guys practicing childcare? :)

PSIrwin said...

practicing childcare yes...having children any time soon? no! emphatically.