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Sunday, November 21, 2010

thanksgiving #1.

The deal, when we got married, was that we would try to split holidays as evenly and fairly as possible. Until we have kids. And that's a game changer.
Since we still (thank you Jesus) don't have children...we have been switching holidays...sorta. We spent the last two Christmases with my family and last 2 Thanksgivings with Chad's family. And I think he was a little sad to miss an actual Christmas with his...
so this year, we're switching for real. Except not really. We are going to do Thanksgiving with my family (which fell the weekend before, meaning today and tomorrow, for a number of reasons) so we are going to end up being with Chad's family on Thanksgiving anyway. Both families have relocated festivities - mine is meeting up at Red Top Mtn. State Park - and Chad's is meeting up at a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. (a la Emily style - don't rob us. We have a great alarm system and fabulous neighbors - who I am pretty sure would shoot you, giving a good opportunity.) I took off work tomorrow (hopefully - never really got true approval. Sorry J!) so I am only working Tuesday and Wednesday of this week before we go out of town another couple of days. His family is staying for around 4 days but we have a lot of stuff planned to try and get done around the house over next weekend .
In other words, we are headed to Thanksgiving #1.

And we're giving thanks.
For great families that want to see us and being able to spend some time with all of them.

For jobs that allow us to take the time off to do that (and also pay our bills!)

For each other, especially this year, 2 years into our marriage and always learning and growing.