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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

merry everything!

Christmas came a little early to our little family this year...
I am currently blogging on our new laptop - bought on a Black Friday sale and delivered in the mail this week.
Thank you - wonderful neighbors - and those who sell crack too - for not stealing it off our front porch this afternoon before we could get home and rescue it. I guess it is a good thing that you all probably thought it was a box of pajamas or Christmas pears or something less valuable. No, really, I actually really like about 95% of our neighbors - really love even. Except those that sell crack. They aren't our favorite. Gwen doesn't like them either. But we also have some neighbors who might have taken the Christmas goodies as a joke too.
Which wouldn't have been very funny.

Been working on setting up the wireless network all evening. Mostly the internet's fault - not the nice, fast, quiet new computer.
Oh bless my soul - a computer that works on command! Lovely!
This is pretty much it for Christmas for Chad and I. We might do one other small thing but this was sort of a splurge in our saving to fix up stuff around the house budget so I am ever so thankful.


Danielle said...

we ordered a kindle... and it came in yesterday... but sat on our front porch for hours before we could get it. made me sooo nervous! but luckily our CRAZy neighbors with 37 kids didn't take it! haha :)

PSIrwin said...

ooo...i think we are ordering a kindle for my dad. any suggestions on why you picked that over another type of e-reader?