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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Solider's Marathon

While it is highly tempting to bore you with pictures of every time we saw Chad during his race, I will just spare you a bit and show you the finish line.
Way to go dude...
4 hours and 18 minutes
26.2 miles
one amazing fella!

Check this one is there on the left hand side of the screen...cheering her heart out. Oh how I love her!

This was the neat finish line...they ran through all the flags of the countries where American soliders have served overseas at the Infantry Museum.

We arrived home Sunday night and as we drove past our house I was like....
ack! What is that on our windows?!?
Well, our amazingly awesome neighbors had done a little research about Chad's race, what place he finished in, what his time was, etc. and made a huge banner and hung it on the front of our house.
I am sure Chad was horribly embarrassed but I think it was wonderful...

That banner is just an odd - yet sweet - reminder that we made the right decision when we bought this house and moved down here. God has provided us with such a cool support system, fabulous neighbors, and begun to create some really wonderful relationships through our small life community. From a couple hours of beer brewing in the back yard last weekend (hi S and B!) to a just-finished 2 hours of laughing and chatting at the local pizza pit (Hi P family!) - we have been blessed with some great folks on our street!
ps. We had a long discusion about how that is not how you spell Congratulations but hey, it is the thought that counts!


FFluker said...

that is not how you spell discussion, either!