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Thursday, August 26, 2010


We missed church here in Chattanooga this past Sunday due to being in Columbus and attending old (yet very new to us!) stomping ground at Christ Community. We listened to Pastor Frank's (our pastor here at our church in Chattanooga - Calvary Chapel) sermon over dinner Tuesday night (thank you internet!) so we would be prepared for Wednesday night's small group. We just started another 6 week round of small group - hopefully I will make it to all but one. I know I already have a school talk scheduled for a Wed. night but that is the exception instead of the rule for Wednesdays.
I enjoyed it. It will take some time to get used to another small group. There is something really comforting about your "old" small group and it would be really easy to just continue on with them and never change things. But, we also think that we need to widen our community and learn new people (not that we didn't LOVE you guys!). We think we need to be newly challenged and newly taught by a new group of people!
Anyway, the main focus of the study for this week was our adultery to God.
Went there.
So here is the basics - and a challenge -
Frank talked about how we war with the world, we war with ourselves, and we war with God. But when you really look at our lives, and specifically our sin, we are committing adultery to God. Our sin is cheating on God. He is a jealous God. He feels emotions (come on, Jesus wept! and Jesus is God-man on Earth). And we cheat on him. Anytime we go to the world to fill our needs - whatever they might be - we are cheating on God. We are telling Him that He isn't good enough, He doesn't provide enough, He isn't present enough, He just basically isn't enough to fill our needs.
And that makes Him jealous.
And maybe even angry.
And of course, hurt.
Wouldn't you be if your bride told you that YOU weren't enough?