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Friday, August 20, 2010

last one!

It is 6:41am and I am dressed and walking out the door for work - makeup on and cute earrings in my ears, my Girl Scout shirt and bless-my-soul, I can wear my chacos to work.
I am headed to my last school talk for the week. I am supposed to arrive by 8 am but considering school actually starts at 8 am intending to arrive at 8am would put me smack-dab in the middle of the traffic for parents dropping off their sweet little ones.
So I go early. Gives me a chance to count out my nice GS flyers and place them in teacher's boxes before we even get started.
Oh praise the fact that it is my last school visit for the week...praises, praises! I am exhausted. Happy but exhausted. My first parent night went well last night - got 33 girls registered and atleast one troop leader. I'm a proud Girl Scout!
I even had a parent almost make me cry at the end - talking about her Girl Scout experience and how it changed her life and now she wants that for her step-daughter and how her husband just got custody and he wants to be a great dad so very badly and she knows that participating in Girl Scouts will help him do that. Oh, le sigh. I love my job. Even the exhausting part.
Headed to Columbus this afternoon - jump for joy! Can't wait to see Dad and his new knee - or maybe just Dad and NOT his new knee.
Jess' "little" brother is getting married Saturday morning - I'm going to offer all the support my body holds. And maybe a little more.