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Thursday, August 12, 2010

lazy thursday.

I let myself sleep in this morning. It was lov-e-ly.
I have a dentist appt. smack dab in the middle of the morning so it was almost not worth it to get up, get ready, go to work for an hour then to the dentist. I worked nights this week and I will have to work nights next week so I just took a little time off this morning. I LOVE that my job is flexible like that. It make me like my job even more that I don't have to worry about dr's appointments, etc. I can just work over and then do what I need to get done! I am going to go walk then shower and go to the dentist. I dislike having the ole' teeth cleaned but it is a necessary part of life.
The rest of my week looks pretty normal. No more nights. Hallelujah.
Date with a friend on Sunday to see Eat, Pray, Love. Super excited about that one. As excited about the date as I am the movie.
Hopefully I will get some things done around the house. I still need curtains for atleast two rooms. And the second guest bedroom looks terribly unfinished. Anyone have a small lamp they would like to donate to the cause? I will pick up! :) Oh, and if anyone has one of those fancy laser levels, I would like to borrow that too! I need to hang a series of pictures and have no clue how to get them all straight without one. That would be a lot of time-consuming, tedious measuring. I think I might cry.


dani mac-snider said...

have you read the book? its on my list of top favs of all time. so good. interesting theology-- may not agree there. but i loved the book. second... go to secondhand shop for a lamp. i bought one for 1 dollar not long ago! :)

joven said...

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