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Monday, August 2, 2010

did you just say that?

One of the blogs that I periodically stroll through (mostly because of the photography) started this repeating post where she quotes herself and all of the weird things that come out of her mouth because she has children.
I read it and thought it was mildly amusing until...
I found myself doing it to our animals (a.k.a. children) tonight.
So I thought I would share...

"Gwendolen, the cat it not a toy. Please remove your sisters head from your mouth."

"Wooby, okra is not good for kitties. Please return the large okra pod to the bag."

"Wooby, do NOT drag that Okra across the kitchen."

"Gwendolen, get Wooby's head out of your mouth again please."

"Wooby, please do not stash your fake mice under the pantry door. Yes, I know it is a good hiding spot but I can't open the door 20 times a day to rescue them for you."

"Wooby, please do not rub your face on Chad's sweaty work shirt. Yes, I know you like the way it smells but I do not like the way YOU smell afterwards."

"Gwendolen, please come sit on the couch so I can brush your teeth" - this one was Chad, thank-you-very-much.

"Gwendolen, please do not pull Wooby off the couch by her fur. Yes, I know she is soft and fluffy but she does not like to have your slobber all over her."

"Wooby, I know you think it is but that pipe cleaner is, in fact, not alive."