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Monday, June 2, 2014

A good change.

In case you didn't know, Chad's current job has been second shift for almost a year and half now. This means he goes to work about an hour before I get off and comes home and crawls in bed about midnight. In addition to being second shift, he also works every other weekend (Saturday and Sunday). I am so thankful that he has decent employment and that our insurance is through the State of TN. because of it - but hear me people - 2nd shift stinks. I am so sympathetic for families who have parents or spouses who work strange shifts and never get time together. And I am even more aware that there are families who have parents, spouses, and loved ones who are deployed for months at a time so getting every other weekend together isn't even an option. I know how lucky we are.

But, as of today, my guy is officially a first shift worker. Same place. Same benefits. Still has to work every other weekend (womp, womp) but we will get to be home together in the evenings. He will work 7am to 3:30pm now, instead of 3pm to 11:30pm. I can't explain to you how giddy this makes me. I feel so bad for people that don't WANT to spent more time with their spouses and families and I can't imagine feeling that way. I spent the entire day today at work sort of grinning about the fact that I was going to get to come home and spend the evening with my husband like a regular ole' day.

If you enjoy spending time with your spouse - and especially if that spouse works a "regular" or flexible schedule *admittedly, like mine*- be thankful. I came home tonight, we went for a walk, made dinner together, and checked the interwebs for a place to say when we go on vacation this fall. I am still sort of riding on a high - it was lovely to spend the evening with him and to know that I get to do it again tomorrow (instead of it being his one day off per week). I am so thankful that this small shift has worked out for him. Please pray that it will be an easy transition and that he will get used to a new set of coworkers and schedules; also please pray that he will be content in his work and be able to see the impact he has there and know when it is time to move on. Thankfully he is on the same unit with the same patients so some things stay the same.

I am crazy about that guy - we're two and a half months from our 6th anniversary! - and I am so glad we get to spend a little more time together!


Danielle Snider said...

my schedule is a hot mess of craziness.... but occasionally i'll get a week of being home every night with ry and those are the best. evenings at home---the boring things: walking the dogs, eating dinner, jeopardy--- those are the good things.

FFluker said...

yay! I am delighted for you, and hope that this will be a good change for his work situation as well.