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Monday, May 26, 2014

Oh So Thankful.

It has been a lovely weekend. Just simply lovely.

I ended up taking Friday off - mainly because I could - and needed it. Chad was off because of the lifeguard class he has been teaching on his off weekends this month and I needed some time for us. It was so fun to just spend the day with him - doing whatever we wanted. I actually snuck away from him in the middle of the day to join my friend K for lunch and a doctor's appointment. She's midway through a much-deserved, much-fought-for pregnancy, much-loved pregnancy and sadly, moving to Knoxville. So, this was her last appointment here in Chattanooga and I got to go see her wiggly 12 oz. bundle of joy via the wonders of modern science. It was amazing. Having not had children of my own, ultrasounds are foreign. And mind-blowing.

I spent the rest of Friday with my guy, including a trip to the movies during the "super matinee" (which, come on, is the only way to see movies unless you go to the second run theater!). Captain America was good...totally worth the $5 per person.

Chad taught lifeguarding all day Saturday down in Lafayette so I stayed home and got lots of stuff done. Cleaned the kitchen, folded a mountain of laundry, put away clothes, cleaned floors...sweated quite a bit. We haven't turned on the AC in the house yet - one of the benefits of good insulation, a brick house, shady trees....and a strong affinity for lower electricity bills. Not sure we will last much longer but it isn't unpleasant in here today. Windows on. 86 degrees outside but only 75 inside....feels cooler. Listening to one of the neighbors practice his trumpet scales.

I spent the afternoon with Chad at the pool Sunday finishing up his class. I don't think I was that flighty/unconcerned/ambivalent at 17 years old and a new high school graduate. But maybe I was. Hopefully they paid enough attention that they can perform a rescue if needed...I enjoyed a few hours of reading, watching, and sunbathing (with a high SPF on...this girl does not like to be burnt and is much more aware of skin cancer as I get older).

Today I got to sleep in, we had lunch with friends, and Chad is headed to work soon. I might go back to the pool with J or I might take a nap and get more projects done around the house. Either way, I will grill out with Chad's family and then take him dinner on his break tonight.

Finally, I don't want to pass up this day without a mention of its real purpose. Memorial Day. Not because of BBQ or pool parties. Its because of those brave men and women who - over the course of our history - gave their lives so that I have the freedom to do as I choose. From my flag waving heart to yours, I am thankful.


FFluker said...

I just read your blog, and am reminded that you are a girl after my own heart. Flag waving and all. I went to the JustABuck store this morn. accidently purchased a long string of flag-like pennats, that I tied up in the trees up by the street, plus you know about my mail box!