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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Visits and a bathroom update.

My mom was here this weekend on her monthly visit - which we plan over Christmas break when we both get out our next year's calendar and pick weekends. We honestly didn't do ANYTHING of note except go see a movie once Chad got off work on Saturday afternoon. She ran errands with me on Saturday as I try to decide what towels and shower curtain to buy for our bathroom. I am actually embarrassed to say that I haven't bought any yet and no, the bathroom isn't finished. Sigh. Life.

So, projects for this weekend: make a decision about towels and shower curtain and purchase them. Sand the doorway and window frame to prep for paint (FYI: the I hate to call them stupid, greedy, or corner cutting but that is what they are people that "flipped" our house before we bought it took some major short cuts. Things that covered the problem without really fixing it - NOT what me or the guy I am married to are OK with! For example: all the doorways in the house were stained/varnished wood. They did not sand or strip them before painting a semi-gloss latex over it. This means that once it chips, it peels off in huge strips. And now WE have to sand off ALL of the paint to be able to rough up the varnish and start over with an oil-based primer to be able to paint a latex semi-gloss over it.) So, THAT is my project for today and this week. Lots of sanding, priming and painting. It is the last step in the bathroom fix besides a deep cleaning and Chad still needs to attach the faucet to the shower (something about an issue with the length of the pipe? One thing after another, around here.)

So, heading to Target then back to work on my To Do list before Chad gets off work at 3:30!