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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May Birchbox!

It's May Birchbox time! Posting from my phone again so excuse the weird order of photos to text. I can't figure out how to do it any differently from here.

Cote brand sunscreen moisturizer. It is tinted which is nice and this is definitely one of those 'thanks for introducing me to a brand I've never heard of' items because this one is totally new. It does have a matte effect to it so it might be nice to wear on days when you want your makeup to be really set and the weather is humid (hello Southern summer!)

Whish brand shave cream. I think I have gotten this before and if not, something similar by the same brand. Thankfully, the smell is divine and with all the traveling I have been doing lately, a travel size shave cream is most welcome in my bag.

Art Club nail art Duo pen. The item I was most excited about. I actually have this pen in two other colors (white and black) that came with a kit I bought from Birchbox forever ago. I am super excited to have this is in a fun pink...I see lots of polka dots and flowers in my future. It has a teeny dotting tip and a fine line tip. I highly recommend these...

Miss Jessie's quick curls...this is the 3rd time I have gotten one of their products and I haven't used one yet. I don't have curly hair and edited my profile accordingly but this might be fun to do with wavy hair this summer. If not, I'll pass it to curly hair friends.

Finally, Marcelle's BB cream. Funny smell. Too dark. Enough said.

As you can see...While I still love this monthly subscription,  items are less exciting and starting to sort of repeat themselves now that I have been doing it over 2 years now (wow!). I am seriously considering switching to another subscription service so if you have suggestions, send them my way! 


FFluker said...

I am sure we could find something else fun to do with that ten bucks each month...