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Friday, August 16, 2013


I've been on another vegetarian kick (apparently one happened back here in 2009 - obviously didn't stick) for the past few weeks and trying out new recipes to try to get protein with less meat. It is semi about health - fewer burgers?? more veggies?? yes, please! - but really more about hearing about how our animals-for-meat are treated. And that gives me an icky feeling in my insides.

I'm not strict my any means. I still love a good burger - not giving those up anytime soon! - but trying to be more conscious about where my meat comes from and getting good quality meat. And p.s., if you didn't know, good meat is expensive and we are far from rich so less meat it is! One of the only upsides to Chad and I being on a different schedule is that I can try out weird recipes and he doesn't have to suffer through them at dinner if they are weird/bad/meatless. I enjoy eating them for lunch the next week and he is none the wiser.

Tonight's dinner was: sweet potato burritos from a recipe I found on this blog and they turned out surprisingly delicious. Sweet potatoes, black beans, and caramelized onions made up the filling in wheat burrito shells with a little cheese melted on top under the broiler.

I also made them with a recipe we had first at our neighbor's house the other night. Food Network's Fried Corn - which, if you haven't ever made it, STOP NOW and do it. Seriously. You will pay me for my advice.

So, all in all, a super successful dinner with no meat! Let's see if Chad likes them as much when we have them for dinner tomorrow. :)