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Monday, August 19, 2013

August Birchbox!

Hurrah! August Birchbox time!
Almost as good as a Sister Box and a step below a Mom Box - but none the less, easier on everyone I'm sure. :)
This month's theme was "Finishing School" - not your grandma's type though - more like thinking about the details type of thing.

Upon first opening, this is what you see. I guess the little monthly inside boxes are here to stay. At least this month's is a beautiful teal!
First sample (as always, apologies for the terrible pictures. I am WAY to excited about all of this to stop and take great photographs of my haul!) is a Jasmine Seven brand Fresh Feet Wipes. These are two little towelettes to cleanse and soften feet...interesting. I don't usually go barefoot in public but I do love to wear my Chacos so it might be nice to be able to cleanse the footsies every once in a while. These will go in my purse! 

This is a uniqONE hair treatment - a leave in conditioner basically. I have superbly thick and dry hair so I'm always up for a try on one of these. It actually smells awesome - kinda like dryer sheets? Very clean. It'll be nice!
 This is the Jouer brand Eye Definer in the color "gris" (which I believe is grey?). Either way, it is a smudge-resistant eye liner which after testing on my hand - I'll attest to the fact that it isn't moving! I actually really like the color - I tend towards a more smokey liner instead of solid black so this will be great! It is not the twist up variety so I'll need to locate my sharpener soon....because I'll definitely use this!

 These were the two items in my inner box. The Coola brand sunscreen  - the perfect amount for a face application in sport, meaning sweat proof and water proof, in SPF 45. Awesome! Another purse addition for surprise trips to the park, etc. I used to think I looked better tan but now I'm realizing I look better skin cancer free and I'm pretty serious about the sunscreen! I don't want to open it to smell it since it is a once time use thing but I can't wait to smell the mango!
Second, there was a stila brand "stay all day liquid lipstick" in the color Beso. might look pink in the picture but it is RED. Like candy engine red. I'm gonna try it but I think I will look silly. This one might get passed on to my more adventuresome sister. :) Either way, I really want to like it because I tested it on my hand too and it isn't moving! I would love to have a different color and have it stay all day for real!
Finally, Birchbox also partnered with Anne Taylor this month sot here were some styling tips and coupons in the bottom of the box. Fun! I don't love the way their clothes fit on me but they have some GORGEOUS statement jewelry pieces so I will definitely slip in there to use my coupon.

All in all, a pretty great month! Some things that I am super excited about trying - sunscreen! hair conditioner! - and at least one thing I am a little intimidated by but want to give a chance - RED LIPSTICK!

Birchbox rocks!