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Sunday, February 24, 2013


I don't know if you recall my trip last summer to Chicago for the National Conference on Volunteerism and Service but this summer the same conference is taking place in Washington, DC. They move the location every year so it is fun to see - the last day of the conference - where it is going to be the following year. Our GS council has had some budget cuts this year - like everyone, I suppose, especially non-profits who depend on others for their income - so we weren't going to be able to send any staff to the conference this year. One of my co-workers and I devised a plan that we would submit a proposal to teach a session at the conference, knowing that if we got accepted, they would pay our registration fee (which, even at early bird rates, is $500). Much to our surprise and excitement, we were accepted! We were asked to join forced with some great ladies from out west (who work for AmeriCorps Vista programs) because our sessions are similiar in nature.

Our session is built on the idea of the Girl Scout Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards - knowing that we can teach girls to engage in meaningful, sustainanable community service projects. And knowing that this training isn't limited to females - that all  youth can be taught to love community service and to begin a lifetime of service by starting young. We will be a part of the youth track of the conference and we are crazy excited!


Anonymous said...

crazy excited? Me too! One response from my ?'s is that I should go to the 'other Wash.' with someone fun and funny.... more to come...