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Friday, February 8, 2013

Going places.

My mom asked for a blog post so here it is. Not news to her but maybe to the rest of the world...

Chad's sister M has been out in Oregon for the last two years working on her Master's at Oregon State (the Beavers, by the way - which I find hilarious). We kept saying that we were going to go out and visit her because it is a good excuse to go somewhere we haven't been before (and I can mark more states off my "See all 50" bucket list. We kept putting it off and finding excuses (like, no money!) but now she is graduating this spring and we are running out of time. We really want to go out and see her so we are biting the bullet and buying tickets (correction: they are already bought!). We are going to fly out to Portland in mid-March and spend a few days hanging out with M and seeing Corvalis (where OSU is actually located). We are then going to take the Amtrak - which I have never done before and I am crazy excited about - up to Seattle for a few more days. Coincidentally, my childhood best friend's younger brother lives in the Seattle area - on an access-only-by-ferry island - and we are going to stay with him and his wife for a couple of days before flying back home.

I am super excited about seeing the Pacific Northwest. I have had family live up there for years and never made it out there and now that particular family lives in New Zealand (which, is additional cause to want to go visit). I am really looking forward to a little trip with my guy - I really love to travel with him. Because of finances and work, this will pretty much be our only trip this year so we are going to make the most of it and really try to enjoy ourselves. Once we get back, I gear up for a crazy busy spring season at work (my busiest) where I will work every weekend in April and May with the exception of Mother's Day weekend. I am desperately looking forward to this trip!