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Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Birchbox!!

My February Birchbox was pretty good. The theme was Red Carpet Ready so everything was supposed to be focused around that; some items might have been a stretch but it was still fun so here goes!
Here is how it looks when you open it. As always, I avoid turning the card over until I actually see the items in the box (it lists them all and explains each one...sort of ruins the surprise).
This is what it looks like once you open the tissue. Birchbox has also become a big fan of these little inner boxes. I guess it makes you think you've gotten more stuff? I say ditch the box (which I won't reuse for a gift because it has a logo on it) and send me more samples!!!

Another Color Club nail polish. Birchbox loves this brand - this is my 3rd polish. This picture is NOT true to color. It is NOT teal but in fact a lovely emerald green, which is hear is very on trend for spring (or maybe all of 2013??). It will probably make it on my toes first but I tend towards pinks, reds, and neautrals for my fingers. I might just branch out and try it - we'll see.

A bit blurry but of course, the Ghirardelli chocolate was a big hit. It is gone already.

This is Beauty Protector's protect and detangle spray. I am pretty excited to try this. I switched gyms to go back to the YMCA so I can swim again and while I love the pool for exercise, it does a major number on drying out my hair and making it crazy tangle central. I shall deposit this in my gym bag!

After being less than pleased with my last Dr. Jart sample, this one is much better. This is a BB cream but it has a SPF of 25 and a nice matte finish. I tried it on my hand but I might actually bring it to my face one morning! It pays to update your beauty profile with your correct skin tone too - this one matches much better than my last sample!

Juice Couture's LaLa perfume. It is described as a mix of mandarin, red currant, lily, and orange blosson and I actually really love this. I am always a fan of citrus scents and red currant so this was a hit with me. I have used it the past two days and I am always a big fan of a perfume sample that is an actual spray bottle instead of the traditional stopper cap. Win!
So there you go! I enjoyed this month's box lots!
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Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you remember to give love and that you are loved the other 364 days of the year too...