The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Post-Christmas and a joyful new year.

Christmas wrap up:
My parents arrived around lunch time on the 24th and we hung out, ate chili, went to church, and were mostly in bed around 10pm. House full of old people, and I don't mean my folks. Mom, Chad, and I took the traditional tour of fantastic and terrible local light displays. Dad passed because it was a bit cold and painfully foggy. We found him right where we left him in front of the space heater in living room. The venturing three tried to go up the mountain where we knew there would be some nice displays but the fog literally turned us back after getting halfway there. I was driving my dad's big SUV and I could barely see the road 50 feet in front - knew it was time to turn back and just explore the valley.

My sister arrived around lunchtime on the 25th - the longest wait of my life. This is literally the first Christmas that I have not woken up in my parents house - in 28 years. It was nice to celebrate in my home, though, surrounded by the people I love so dearly. We didn't touch one present or stocking until she arrived so we did a lunchtime fiesta and then headed to hang out with Chad's family for dinner and more festivities. My heart felt so full being able to hang out with all of our families at the same time so I hope it happens more often.

Chad and I spent the weekend in Columbus and it was nice to spend a bit more time with my sweet parents. This is a good time of year to just enjoy the company of those you hold most dear and I think we have gotten to do just that. A late night trip back through Atlanta let us see my sister for a while and Chad's sister and uncle for dinner so we have filled our days with these good memories.

Going back to work - after 11 days off for me - is going to be so hard. Knowing that life begins again and schedules and meetings and work will fill my days is always a letdown. The freedom to go, and do, and laugh, and hang out, and just BE is so rewarding and healing. I love my job but being home with the people I love is so much more....just more.

My "resolutions" for this year - though they should just be resolutions for life would be....more joy. Less worry. More exercising and less gluttony. More time for "us" and less work - or maybe just more productive work. More going, seeing, doing, and less sitting, waiting. More reading and knowledge, less TV watching. More cleaning (yes!) and invites to "come visit us!" and less worrying about what other people think. But I think the first is still the best...more joy.

Just by way of an FYI: Chad will officially be on 2nd shift starting next week at the hospital. He also works every other weekend. This means, I will have plenty of evenings and weekends free. I want to be intentional with my use of time - both at home and with friends - so please, do come visit. Or, come over for dinner - I'll cook something delicious.