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Saturday, January 12, 2013

January Birchbox reveal!

Forgive the crazy - I am blogging this from my phone. I decided that was the only way to get the pictures up today so the sweet sister/Birchbox gifter could see them. The camera pics were way better but phone pics are what we have so we are going with it.
Items below:
Aerie brand fragrance in "Shimmer" (not actually shimmery which is good!). Smells really nice. One of my more enjoyable Birchbox scents. Anything with peony and vanilla can't be bad!
Embryolisse moisturizer. Apparently this has a cult following but I haven't ever heard of it. Can't wait to try it on my winter dry face though! Barely smells but a lovely clean scent.
Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner. I have been wanting to try my hand (har, har) at a liquid eyeliner so I am really excited to try this!
Ojon rare blend oil Total Hair Therapy. They must know my crazy frizzy winter hair pretty well. Coolest part is the 3 oil colors that you blend together before using. I will try anything on this frizzball and I love products that only take a couple of drops because even a sample lasts a long time!
Beauty extra was this 100% pure nourishing body cream...a vegan product. Anything that smells like green apple is a plus in my book so I plan to slather this on post-shower tonight!
Thanks again to my awesome sister for the monthly surprises in my mailbox!

p.s. shameless Wooby photobombing here.  


BParrish said...

I got one of the Eyeko liners in a previous Birchbox and it has become my all time favorite. Even ordered more! I had never used a liquid liner before but it is really easy to use. I think you'll like it.

Francina said...

Bonus kitty in the background! Love it!