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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Homemade gifts 8.

So this might seem like a strange gift - and ultimately it sort of is - but it is the only thing that I really "made" for Chad so it gets its own time to shine here too.
Chad has been using this silly little cell phone cover that I brought back from a Girl Scout trip with me...he keeps his phone in his pocket and it is just a simple little fabric sleeve to keep it from getting scratched, etc. However, he also slips his debit card and license in there too - you know, since he doesn't carry a wallet or anything. So, everything is rubbing together anyway...and the fabric sleeve was originally a little....feminine....and is now pretty dingy. I wanted to imitate the simple sleeve but make it look a little more manly so I used grey felt and red thread so it would stand out a bit. I made him three different designs to choose from...all holding his cards away from his phone so they don't get scratched. Not sure if he will use any of them but at least he has options...
I stuffed them in his stocking right next to the peanut M&M's - which are already gone. :)