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Saturday, November 17, 2012

November Birchbox!!

It is November Birchbox time!!
I am still totally thrilled each month when I get my Birchbox, even when my husband tries to sneak it in the house without me knowing it came. He might not realize that I get an email when it ships so I know when to start looking for it!
I got a fun holiday gift giving guide and a coupon in this batch so that at least added to the fun value!
This month was a pretty decent haul though I will have to go in and edit some of my preferences (see why below).
This is everything that was in my box! There is a fun little "something for you" wrapper that is re-useable. Someone might see that at Christmas!

stila's all over liquid shimmer in a beautiful bronze/gold-ish color. I am excited about using this as a base for eyeshadow. Tried it on my hand and it is a really pretty color and not greasy at all even though it is a brush on, liquid.

Jouer's Fragrance Cornucopia - a roll on perfume oil. Gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle scent - pretty strong - something I would use for a switchup on a night out! This really is a nice size to tuck in your bag for a day to night switch-e-roo.

Chuoa Chocolatier's honeycomb ChcoPod. I am excited that I got the honey flavor so that I can share with my guy that loves honey! This is the "lifestyle extra" for this month.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper was my hair product for this month...this is supposed to keep curls shiny, defineed, and frizz-free. In case you don't know me, I don't really have curly hair. This is where I finally went in and edited my "what is your hair like?" on my beauty profile and took out "curly" - though I know a certain curly-haired sister that will enjoy this!

And finally, this is ModelCo's Fibre (sic) Laskxtend mascara. It appears to be a full size product (at least it is the same size as all my other mascaras) which retails at $24 so this is a really awesome score. Best part is that it has a little mirror on one side for those touchups! Fun! (I had another picture of this one but I sort of liked the one with the cat photo-bomb in the back so this is what you get.)
So there! Birchbox delivery day STILL rocks (along with my sister).


FFluker said...

I am trying to think of something I can send you in the mail on a regular/frequent basis that will cause such amusement, excitement, delight that you will feel compelled to blog about it.... any ideas?