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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dad - stop reading! Christmas spoiler alert!

I am pretty convinced that my Dad does not read by blog but if he does - stop reading now!! I am about to disclose his/your Christmas present so stop reading now (if you even know that my blog exists!) :) Love you!!

So, with the hand made Christmas attempt - my Dad is super, duper hard to shop for. He doesn't really need anything and his only hobby is reading. He got a e-reader last year so I made him a cover for it (which ended up being a little big since I didn't actually have the object to work with when I made it - though it seems to be getting good use still). This year, mom said he needed a new belt but I didn't think I was THAT talented so I still wanted to make him something (mostly since I am making everyone else something and I didn't want to leave him out!).

So, I was trying to decide what to make him and I thought this: In case you don't know my dad, he does have a series of health problems that lead to him having both thin skin and thin blood. He is constantly bumping into things and ending up with a gusher that just won't stop bleeding - where you or I might not even bruise. Lightbulb!! I could make him a band-aid holder. I have one that is in my personal/camping first-aid kit that holds multiple sizes of bandaids and it is super convenient - surely I could make something like that! So I did!

This one is a little larger and holds lots of sizes of band-aids, including some mid-size gauze bads in the largest section there in the upper right. I even made a slot big enough for a small thing of antibacterial ointment - I just didn't have an extra/un-used one for show! This set he can keep in the little pack that rides around with him on this motorized scooter chair. There is a button on the backside so it folds closed and the elastic loop (hair elastic! shhh!) holds it closed.

This one is a smaller version and only really holds two sizes of band-aids. It folds closed in the middle and is perfect for pockets.
 I am pretty proud of this hand made gift and I hope it is useful for him! I used some fabric scraps in my stash and tried to pick the "manliest" of the bunch - though I realize dots don't exactly scream manly. I actually took pictures throughout the process so if anyone is interested, I could write a simple tutorial. 


BParrish said...

VERY cool idea and apparently needed.

FFluker said...

You are so smart. I am so impressed by your sewing skills. Really neat idea - and the perfect gift for the free bleeder...the other possibility would be to wrap him in a protective layer, like rolls of gauze, making him look like a mummy...?

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