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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov. 6th

The “winner” in today’s race – presidential specifically – doesn't really “win”. They earned the right to represent me, for better or worse. They have earned the right to be ridiculed, laughed at, made fun of, scoffed at, disagreed with, and made to look a fool. That doesn't sound like a winner to me. However, it is your choice how you treat this winner. You can choose to do those things or you can choose different. You can choose to respect our President – whoever he might be – to have healthy debate with those who do not agree, fight for what you believe in, and do your part to make America better. I suggest you do this – choose respect and continue to be involved in your communities, your churches, your schools. Be involved so that our children and their children will continue to live in a land that gets the right to choose respect.

I voted today. But I also vote every day. I vote with my heart, I vote with my actions, I vote with my wallet. I think author and speaker Shane Claiborne said it best when he said, “So, we may vote on November 6. But we will also vote today, and tomorrow, and the next day. We are convinced that change is not confined to one day every four years. Change happens every day. We vote with our lives. And we are convinced that voting for a new President may be little more than damage control. For Presidents and Caesars do not save the world. But there is a God who can…
Enough donkeys and elephants… long live the Lamb.”


Anonymous said...

I just read your comments on the election. That was Very Thought-y. Thanks for putting it all in perspective.