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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Neighborhood Night Out.

In case you didn't know, last night was National Neighborhood Night Out. Basically, this means that you would get together with your neighbors and hang out - maybe do some fun stuff together. Our neighborhood was totally on board and it makes me love St. Elmo even more. I knew we made the right decision when we bought this old house in Chattanooga's oldest neighborhood but it makes me happy to see our neighbors come together for a little fun.

Not only do we have beautiful old houses here in St. Elmo, there is a fun little shopping area with some nice restarauts too. Every place was open and offering discounts, activities for kids, or something free. I got a beautiful flower from the Making Arrangements florist, just for stopping in to chat. They were doing free activities for kids, the Chicken Legal folks were there (trying to legalize chicken ownership inside city limits....Chad and I are big supporters!), and possible the highlight of the night -
a Corgi parade.
With prizes.
Seriously. How awesome is our neighborhood.
Sadly, don't go searching for pictures of our gal here below. As you might or might not know, she isn't really a fan of other dogs, even a gathering of her own kind. However, you might not know that Corgi's come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Ok, maybe that is a lie. They are generally the same shape - and mostly the same size - with the exception of the especially husky or young ones.
Either way, here are some "cousins" of our Gwen...

These ladies could have been Gwen's twins but I love that they were decked in their Tennessee orange.  (And it looks like they are getting a little love from their human boy).

I love these guys - grey, black, and white with their blue eyes. I don't think these are considered breed standard but I think they are so beautiful!

Then there was this little dude - Fergus. Only about 5 months old - whiich was just a tad bit younger than Gwendolen when we got her. Since our gal is 5 years old now, I can't believe she was ever that small but she was!

We enjoyed our night out with the neighbors. Can't wait till next year!


Jessica said...

A corgi parade?! I bet that was hilariously full of waddling. I wish I could have seen that.