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Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A scolding and an update.

I've been well scolded by my sister for my lack of blogging most recently so I will try to write a little post just for her today...though she knows all of this so really, is it for her?

I've been out of town all weekend - still am, actually - on a girl's weekend with my mom. We left Friday morning and headed north by northeast to the Asheville area. Gratefully, my sweet friend Dani and her hubby live near there and willingly let us stay with them for a couple of days. Mom and I tooled around Waynesville on Friday, hiked Mt. Mitchell (just the last bit!) and ate lunch with a friend on Saturday then tooled around Asheville on Saturday afternoon. We just strolled some craft shops, bought chocolate to eat and enjoyed a Latin festival for a few minutes. After attending church on Sunday, we did some delicious lunch in Canton, NC and then headed to Atlanta to hang out with my sister.

I am currently waiting for my mom and sister to get back from an errand so we can go to Fernbank and see some exhibit that they are interested in. I am not even sure what it is but I enjoy their company so I am along for the ride.

I have enjoyed having my mom's undivided attention for a few days. It isn't all that often that we get to enjoy that so it is sweet when it happens. I hope that I am turning out to be more and more like my mother, funny crazy and all.

By way of another life update: Chad has accepted a job and hopes to start soon - by the end of the month if we keep our fingers crossed. He has lots of paperwork, etc. to do but we are super thankful for  God's timely provision. As always.