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Monday, October 29, 2012

Big changes.

Chad officially starts his new job today. He will be working as a nurse tech (CNA) at one of the large hospitals in town. I am really excited for him; he has been wishing and hoping for a change for some time now and was finally able to take the class required to make that change. I know that he enjoys helping people so I hope and pray that this job will be something that he will thrive in doing.

The biggest downside is that he will be working second shift. This means that our work schedules aren't completely opposite but pretty darn close. I mean, I already do work a lot of nights but I am pretty much guaranteed to not ever be home with him at night. He works from 3pm to 11pm - which isn't THAT bad but he isn't really a night person either so this will be an adjustment for us both.

I am so thankful for employment. We've been without 2 paychecks for almost 2 months now and while I fully realize that is nothing compared to what some families are going through these days, it has not been easy. Chad is so careful with our finances that I have not worried about money - per se - but it is sort of always in the back of your mind that something unexpected is going to come up with the cash flow isn't there. God has provided everything we have needed so far and I know He will continue to do so...

So here is my prayer for Chad on this first day of a new job:
I pray for peace and comfort while he is learning. I pray for an open heart and an open mind. I pray for his co-workers - that they will be patient and kind. I pray that God will bless his obedience in waiting in his old job for so long until this door opened. I pray that he will find a place at this hospital where he can truly be himself and enjoy daily work. I also pray that I will be more intentional about the time we will have together and that time will be even sweeter then it happens.

Good luck Chad. You are going to rock!

p.s. his face looks AWESOME these two weeks out. God has really done something extraordinary in quick healing. It is barely noticeable, with the exception of his nose which still has some little bandage strips on in, per doc's instructions.