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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She explains.

Tomorrow is Chad's last day with the Forestry.

He turned in his two weeks notice last week and is really looking forward to some changes in his life. It has been a good few years - he has been working there since before we got married, at least seasonally. But it is time to do something different. He took a CNA (certified nursing assistant) class at the local community college this summer (4 nights a week and all day Saturday, in addition to the regular ole' 9 to 5!) so now he is employable in that particular realm. It looks like there are a lot of jobs available in thie field - as well as a lot of turn over - because most people (not unlike Chad) use it as a jumping off point for more education and "movin' on up".

I am excited about what this means for us. It means Chad can go back to school - for whatever higher education he decides he wants - whenever he gets ready. It means a little more flexibility in his work schedule and no being "on call" 24 hours a day during fire season. It does also mean that he will probably have to start out at the least-desireable night shift but it is only for a season and we can totally handle it!

I totally trust my husband and that this is a decision that he has prayed over, thought over, and hoped for  - for a while now. I am really excited to see what God will do with him during this season of "new".


dani macsnider said...

yay! very exciting for sure!! lots and lots and lootttttsssss of options!

FFluker said...

your sis was in the dark, trying to make me think it was a failure to communicate on my part. So I hope I explained current events.
I am delighted to think that C. has options,and hope that the path will be much more to his liking: not at a constant 45 degree incline from here...