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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Got up as early on a Saturday as I usually do during the week. Today is the last of our GS council's 100th Anniversary events - an overnight at the Bristol Motor Speedway, near our Johnson City office. I am pretty excited to head up there because I have never seen any of the Nascar tracks from up close and we will be doing lots of behind the scenes stuff too. However, it is a 4 hour drive and we are doing it both ways today because we (K and I) could not participate in the overnight portion (details below). So, it is 7:45 in the morning and I am showered, dressed, and about to walk out the door. We will be driving up to help with set up most of the day, our shift is working to serve dinner, and then we will be driving back tonight - really, really late. It should be a superbly fun day - K and I always have a giggle when we are together - but it will be a long day too.

Anyway, we have to come back tonight because we are walking in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure tomorrow in the early afternoon. Essentially, we could have spent the night in Bristol but if we come back tonight it means that we can sleep late in our own beds and get to the race on time. It is going to be a fun weekend of doing lots of new things but long too.

Then, Monday is back to work. But Tuesday, a few of us are driving to Ikea in Atlanta to buy some things for our shops. I am pretty stoked about that means I get to probably sneak a little time in with my sister and come on, who doesn't love Ikea. So, this weekend and week aren't all bad! :)


dani macsnider said...

no freaking way. i drove through bristol TWICE yesterday ((and ate at the wendy's there)) on the way to a bike trail in virginia. INSANE. we were in the same town- at the same time. ...again :)