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Thursday, September 27, 2012


I have had a few rare nights off recently and I am almost back in the crafting groove. I did say in this post that I was going to do something crafty with the acorns that I swept off the in-laws back porch and I did! Though while trying to get the pictures off my camera, the battery died, the hard drive wouldn't sync, and the computer needed to be plugged in so it has taken me a while to get them to you! So, it isn't all that crafty but it is fall-y and fun. (p.s. fall is my favorite season...photographically and in life...just so you were warned of the fall goodness that is to come). 

I already had everything on hand except the acorns so it was an easy fun addition to my table.
I lurve fall!!
Since my entire living room and dining room are painted yellow, white balancing these photos is insanity (thus why all pictures taken inside my house look yellow-ish).