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Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday was another doozy at work.
I don't think that anyone, anywhere near my Girl Scout family actually reads my blog but until announcements are made, I will refrain from details. Suffice to say that our membership areas got an overhaul yesterday and while I agree with the change and I know it will make TONS of more sense geographically on the areas we serve, I am sad because I am losing some areas that I have worked really, incredibly hard for and with. There is one in particular that I pretty much (shameless biased boasting here) have helped bring back from the brink of extinction with the help of a few dedicated ladies that are volunteers there. I have a lot invested in these areas and have worked really hard to build relationships, trust, and mutual respect and now I feel like I have lied to them when I have said "I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!". I know they will be in fabulous, capable hands - hands that will work just as hard as I have with them - but I still feel like I am losing those relationships that I have worked so hard for.
Ah - breathe.
Change is good for your soul right?

Headed to Columbus today (Yes - Dani - We will have to coordinate better next time!). A beautiful friend is getting married tomorrow - excited about being a witness to the next sweet step in their relationship. Marriage is amazing, challenging, awesome, wonderful, hard, fun - an adventure for sure! It's nice to share everything with your best friend - I can't wait for C & J to get to experience it!

Get to hang out with some old friends up at camp on Saturday night. Super excited...details to come.