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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

weekend beauty.

Finally got stuff done last weekend and this past weekend around the house and around town.
A little porch decorating...bow making...
(thanks Chad for bringing home my free corn stalks!)

I got to hang out with this guy a little bit this past weekend when we both weren't working...
it was grand!
This past sunday we went to the farmer's market/Sunday market.
There are always local vendors who sell veggies and it was fun to look.
Didn't buy anything this week but starting to get ideas for Christmas.
No, not veggies for Christmas, give me a little credit.
Handmade Christmas again!

It is always fun to see what is seasonal and available. We've started trying to buy local and organic when it is available...also getting milk in glass bottles from the local grocery. Antibiotic and hormone free from a relatively local farm. Cool stuff!
Thinking about joining a CSA next year - and wishing they weren't so expensive. There are some that let you trade work for goodies so we might work at the farm and get our stuff for free. Hopefully one of those will work out for next summer...
There are rumblings, flashes, and a big storm headed our way that is going to last most of the evening. Turning off all electronics in the house - locating candles, just in case.
Chad is actually out teaching CPR till late and I am going to have to go out in the storm to pick him up so hopefully it will blow over quickly. I don't like being home alone when the weather is bad - especially not knowing how this new-to-us house will weather a big one....


FFluker said...

myabe you could trade some homegrown honey for veg. at the market?