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Saturday, August 29, 2015

PNW 2015

Well, now that I'm back and settled down from a few crazy weeks of travel, I've remembered to post pictures from our adventures. This is mostly for posterity (and my mother's) sake since I've moved them from my phone to my external hard drive. So, phone dump it is...

I think this might be my favorite photo of the trip. Haystack Rock at was incredible. 

Of course we had Voodoo Doughnuts...and mom had a fritter the size of her face. Literally. 

I have about a million (ok...fewer than that but whatever) pictures at the International Rose Test Garden but here are just a few.

Toes in glacier water...

Skeeball break!

Windsurfing in the Columbia River Gorge (not any of us, sadly). 

Mt. St. Helens is just above the treeline on the right half of the picture...

We had a lovely trip and were hosted by my mom's lovely friend Ellie and her family. She was the best hostess and chauffeur and we saw so many great things. I'm thankful for the chance to travel with my mom and my sister, as that never happens anymore these days. Sweet memories were made!