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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mt. LeConte 2015

Two posts in one day, like I've lost my mind (or maybe making up for lost time)...

We crazy-people hiked Mt. LeConte again this year and survived. We forgot to take the requisite picture in front of the Lodge with the date on it but we did OK. Its a pretty strenuous hike but we keep doing it. I think this was our third time...I might be willingly giving up my spot to someone else next year. I say that now but I also tell myself that I am going to be in better shape the next year, every year too. It rained all the way up the mountain the first day but I actually have zero complaints about that. I have good, waterproof shoes and a waterproof pack cover so I stayed pretty cool and happy.

As always, we celebrated our survival with a stroll to the brewery, beer cheese and warm pretzels, and a cold beer. You'd think we'd never want to walk again but it is nice to keep moving after coming off the mountain - or you are so stiff that you can't walk for days. I generally felt pretty good by the next day but my calves and ankles were sore for 3 or 4 days afterwards. Old age (ok...and out of shapedness) will do that to you...

Either way, I think fun was had by all.