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Friday, April 11, 2014

Upgrade, check!

My phone has been on the fritz for a while now - not only doing weird things but also having a charging issue. My upgrade isn't until next month but thankfully I am on a plan with other dudes who don't use their upgrades the second they appear! Chad broke his phone a couple of months ago and has been using an older phone of his dad's for a while too. So, as of this afternoon - and 3 trips to various wireless stores - we are both sporting new phones!

There is a Verizon place near my office that isn't a full service place and so I went there first...went to a "real" Verizon store...and back to the first place before everyone had the phone they wanted, at the price they wanted, keeping the unlimited data...which was the whole point here. And yes, I've already put an expensive Lifeproof case on my expensive (to me!) phone. This baby can get in the pool! Bring it on summer - I'm ready for you now!

P.S. this is my 999th post. Now taking requests for what I should do for my 1,000th post.


dani macsnider said...

what youve learned since you started blog