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Friday, April 18, 2014

April Birchbox!

It's April Birchbox time!
I've been waiting for it to is a few days later than my box usually comes and the email came 9 days ago. Eeek.  

Chad and I have actually already purchased some Kind brand granola bars at the grocery store so I was excited to see a different kind in my box. This is this month's lifestyle item and usually I am kind of annoyed about tea samples instead of cosmetic samples but this one is OK. :) 
I had been thinking that it would be fun to have a light green color for spring so I am super excited to see this one. Color Club does a lot of partnerships with Birchbox and this is a pretty good one. I think the color is called "Breakfast at..." and it has a little bit of a pearl finish. Might see this one at Easter! 
Sorry the pictures are a little blurry - cell phone pictures cause I got a little excited. This is Anastasia's clear brow gel. I am not entirely sure how to use this but I will definitely try it....since I have unruly brows anyway. :)
This is Camille Beckman's body butter. It smells really good and has a beautiful butterfly on the because the scent is Morelia Monarch. It smells like almonds and a little like vanilla and almonds. I already used it on my hands and it feels reeeeally nice.  
This is the Keims brand energizing shampoo. I love getting haircare samples in my box so I am excited about trying this one. I haven't ever heard of this brand so it should be fun. Peppermint and macadamia? Mmmmmm... 
The theme this month is Rainy Days so the colors were really pretty. The muted teal paper was nice touch since the tissue is usually bright pink.

All in all, a fun month even though there weren't technically any makeup samples this month. Good stuff to try!
Yay Birchbox! 


Danielle Snider said...

oh i got that butterfly lotion last month! threw it in my purse and use it TONS. like almost out of it. i LOVE it!