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Friday, March 14, 2014

A Series of Unfortunate Events.

I have been gone for the last 6 days - our of town - working in various places. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all in Franklin, TN. (near Nashville), Wednesday was a day trip to Knoxville for our staff meeting, and Thursday and Friday found me back in Knoxville for our project team meeting. I am exhausted. This week has been a strange series of weird, unfortunate happenings. Nothing terrible but things that just weigh on you and make you thankful to see Friday evening in your own home, preparing to climb in your own bed. While the king size bed I had to myself last night was great, I am looking forward to sleeping with my favorite guy, cat, and dog.

Here is the short version:
- Went to Franklin to present at a conference and only 3 people came to our session. While 3 is better than 0, it was slightly lower than expected. I have a theory about the low attendance but it doesn't really matter now.
- The refrigerator in our room was possessed with a house elf and literally spit our take out boxes back on the floor. Spilled spaghetti.
- Lost my $100 FitBit at the hotel. Realized it later. Went back. The housecleaning people found it. I hugged a stranger.
- We tried to come home but missed our exit and went 20 miles out of the way. Sigh.
- My cell phone died/won't reliably charge. Been flying under the radar all week with no phone (which, p.s. isn't all that bad. It has made me pay more attention to the people and things that matter like a friend at dinner and the sunset over the river.) Upgrade isn't until May. Gotta buy a phone.
- Lost my keys this morning at the hotel. Spent 45 mintues looking for them, making me late for my meeting. Called my husband - his phone was off. Called the neighbors to get them to go make him turn his phone on - they wouldn't answer. Called my mother-in-law (My Hero) who not only convinced me that it wasn't worth sobbing over (I was SO already there) but was also willing to drive a spare key to Knoxville so I could come home this afternoon. Found the keys. In the fridge. With the leftovers (hey - so I wouldn't forget them!).

You know that point when you are so tired you want to cry? That was Wednesday. This is Friday. I am past that point. Beyond thrilled that my mom is in town this weekend. We went and had Indian food tonight (her first time and my first time in SEVEN YEARS...literally it was 7 years ago that I was there?!?). We have reservations for a tea party tomorrow morning. It is going to be a lovely and relaxing day tomorrow. We might even mob a Girl Scout cookie booth or two (meaning, take them balloons, cheer them on, etc.....loads of hilarity).

I am so thankful for a job that I love, a husband that understands and supports me and my crazy work schedule, and family that comes to visit. I am thankful that nothing serious happened this week - just weird kinda strangeness. Thankful to be home and releasing all my pent up tension and spending time with my favorite folks.


dani macsnider said...

what craziness! i had a very very strange week as well. but ended on a great note... owning a home! here's to better weeks ahead.