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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

February Birchbox!

It is Birchbox time! This was a pretty good box this month - it looks like they partnered with Us Weekly (magazine) but I am not really sure where anything different or special happened because of it. That's ok with me since it is basically a gossip mag - something I am interested in having less of in my life. :)

Upon first opening...the theme looks like Step. Pose. Repeat. I know this is NY Fashion Week so maybe that is the connection.

Here are all the goodies before inspection...

This is Dr. Brandt brand "Pores No More" pore refiner. I don't think I really have a problem with large pores but sometimes I use products like this before my foundation when I am really trying to pull it all together. So, I'll stock it away!

This is the "lifestyle extra" for my box this month - 32Oral Care brand effervescent breath crystals. I am not sure if i will be able to convince myself to use them since they pop in your mouth - I'm a sensory gal. Mint flavored Pop Rocks aren't my jam but I will probably stick them in my desk drawer at work in case I need them! :)

I am excited about trying another product from the Beauty Protector line of haircare. I loved the last one - a spray de-tangler, heat protector,  and this one is similar. It is the Protect and Oil product and defends against UV rays, heat, and breakage. I like to use these on days I know I will be drying and curling my hair - I think it really helps!

I edited my beauty profile to include "no more than 6 perfume samples" per year and they have actually done a good job of that. I was getting one in every box and now I only get one in about every 3rd box so that is nice...makes me more exited to get other things and more excited about perfumes when they do show up. This is another Juicy Couture brand scent "La La Malibu"...smells nice. I'll add it to the collection in the bathroom and use it periodically. 

This is the thing I am actually most excited about. Ruby Wing brand nailpolish that changes colors in the sun. Oh yes. Excited. The color is called Kitten Heels and it changes from the bright pink to a darker magenta pink...I might whip this out next time I paint my nails. I am desperate to change to bring spring colors! :)

All in all, a fun and interesting box. Thanks to the person that gifts these to me every month! :)


FFluker said...

you are welcome.... now that I am 'that person'

dani macsnider said...

perfumes are my favorite!! i love wearing different scents every day depending on my mood! also... the nail polish. im SOOO jealous. i got navy blue. boringggg.