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Thursday, September 12, 2013

September Birchbox!

It's September Birchbox time!
As always, it is so exciting to see this pink surprise in my mailbox.
This month's theme was heritage...

Upon first opening, this is what I saw. I have heard other things about this "Yes to..." brand...

This is a pack of 8 travel towelettes which I am really excited about trying. It is their "Yes to Blueberries" and they smell lovely. It'll be something nice to toss in the gym bag for the post workout face wipe down!
This is a pack of 8 but the full size is a pack of 30 and only costs $7.99. I was excited to see something that was much more reasonably priced in my box this month...lots of things that I receive samples for are more high end.

I've never heard of this manicure hand mask but I am really excited about it. They are basically gloves that you put on during a manicure to moisturize then you can tear the fingertips off to paint your nails and leave the glove on to continue moisturizing.
The most interesting part is that they are UV blocking so if you decided to go get one of the gel/shellac manicures, you could wear these and protect your skin from the UV rays that the lamps put off! Cool!

This is another sample from the "Yes to..." company...their grapefruit CC cream. I am excited that it came in two different shades so I could get a little closer to an accurate sample. Sometimes with the makeup samples it is hard to tell if I will love it because it isn't the right color...can't wait to try this stuff!

And finally, these two goodies were in my little blue box.
A nail polish sample from the Ruffian brand - in Birchbox exclusive color of "hedge fund" - a green-ish fall color with a little bit of reflectiveness in it. I think I will bravely try it on the fingers soon!
The eyeshadows are in the Moroccan Sunset shades and are from the Coastal Scents brand. I haven't ever heard of them so it'll be interesting to try it!
Oh Birchbox, you pick up my week!


adr said...

I love the Yes To brand! I use their tomato-based face wash and moisturizer because it fights acne w/o salicylic acid, which is a no-no during pregnancy. We have also used their Yes to Carrots bubble bath for the little guy.

dani macsnider said...

its amazing how completely different ours are. like not one thing the same. i didn't really like mine this month. i got some killer shampoo & conditioner. as 2 samples. then nail polish (i get it every month. im over it. i took it off my profile. haha) and a face mask. that im excited about using sometime. OH... and laundry detergent for lacy undies and delicates. interesting... but not too fun. boo. tell me about those face wipes. i may buy them. they look awesome!