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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Here is your cryptic blog of the week (month? year? You can pick.)

I've never really been good at compromise. Call it what you will but I tend towards stubborn and an affinity towards getting my way (we all do, right?). There are a lot of things in my life right now that are stretching me, growing me, challenging me. A lot of places where I could think harder, work harder, focus more, be more present...and even more places where I could learn from other people who are doing better at getting it "right", learn to compromise - not giving up or giving in but meeting in the middle, not having my way but seeing it from someone else's shoes. And I think that middle place is called Grace.

It's a funny thing that Grace. Grace. It asks us to forgive others. It asks us to not judge. It asks us to just love and learn and be there and be fully present and just be. Grace.

"There's only grace,
There's only love,
There's only mercy and believe me, its enough" - Matthew West


FFluker said...

Integrity: when your behavior matches your belief.
Sort of like when your private life lines up with your public life - which pretty much means doing the right thing All The Time.
I (being somewhat biased) think that you do a good job of living it out - even when it's not always the shortest route, or easiet path to take.
And believe that Grace is the stuff that gets us through all our days...