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Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Birchbox!

My sweet sister reminded me that I had not blogged about my July Birchbox yet and by golly...she was right!! All the pictures were taken on my cell phone because I was too lazy/excited to wait the day it came to go get my camera out of the car. :)

The theme this month was "Power Play" and was somehow connected to the TV show "Suits". It is probably good that I delayed/forgot to write this blog post because I have actually been able to use some of these products now and I can give an accurate opinion on them!

This is the ModelCo. Party Proof Lipstick in the Peony color. It is actually a matte lipstick which is a little different than what I am used to but I just put a touch of gloss over it and I have been really happy with it. The color actually does last most of the morning for me so "party proof" might actually be accurate. It is pretty bright on me so I use sparingly. It says that the full size is priced at $19 but I can't imagine that this isn't the full size - it seems like the same size as my other lipsticks (product goes all the way to the bottom of the tube, etc.) so this in itself pays for 2 months of boxes!
(See! Way more opinion!!)

This is Dr. Jart's Ceramidin Cream. Supposed to be a great moisturizer but I like my moisturizer/have break-out prone skin that I don't want to put strange things on so I used this on my hands. I really liked it there - great light scent - but I am never excited about the sample size of any of the Dr. Jart stuff...sorta skimpy? It would be hard to try it enough days in a row to decide if it was worth purchasing at a $48 full size!

This is the Caudalie brand Divine Legs, the only item that I have not tried yet. I sort of got a little tiny sunburn on my legs last week so I was waiting for that to go away and for me to stop going to camp so much so it was worth having lovely shaded legs. Excited to try it...

This is the second bottle of this Color Club Birchbox exclusive color. Truth - I traded the off-white that I got last month for a super fun bright orange/color that a co-worker got (perks!) so I was excited that I didn't get that color this month! This shade is called London Calling and is one in a set of 4 if you purchase in the Birchbox shop. They call them "neon pastels" - an oxymoron in my opinion - but it is ok because I am really liking the shades (on toes!).

I think this beauty extra of patterned giant bobby pins is my favorite thing I got this month. Great for my thick hair and adds a little funky color to a hair do! I feel like I have to wear them with things that match - cause I am weird like that - but I have really enjoyed them! A LOT...never had cute bobby pins before so they are pretty neat.

So, here's the month's box! I love that they have started doing a little chevron on the inside of the boxes. Cute and so "in" right now.

Thanks sweet sister!