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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An injury.

Back story: growing up, my family did a lot of camping...migrating from a little pop-up style to a 5th wheel with more space as my sister and I got older. I have great memories of that camper - dragging it all over the southeast and even northeast as we visited campgrounds and driveways of family members. My sister and I progressively took more responsibility for helping set up, clean, and work on the camper as our skills progressed. Near the end of us owning it, we were in charge of the pre-trip and post-trip pressure washing. Dad gave us lots of instructions and of course, monitored our progress; lots of warnings about don't spray your sister or your own feet cause it can actually do some serious damage. So, all these years, I have carefully avoided pressure washer injuries.

Front story: I can no longer say I have no pressure washer injuries. Chad and I came back from our walk yesterday morning to find the neighbors struggling with trying to make their pressure washer work. Being the handy guy that he is, they called Chad over and he immediately got it going on full blast. The user was obviously inexperienced because as soon as it came on, he lost control and sprayed both Chad and I across our mid-sections. Being wet is fine - we were sweaty from our walk anyway. However, all my years of warnings from my dad were accurate because this is what happens with a pressure washer on bare skin...
It literally broke skin...and is basically a water burn. Didn't think that was possible did you? Might not look bad in the pictures but hurts! So, that's my story of my latest unusual injury...