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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NCVS 2013 - Day #4

Sorry for the delay but I was EXHAUSTED when I got home and I completely forgot to blog until now. If you want a much more detailed account of our travels (and other hilarity in general), read mom's blog.

We got up early on Saturday morning knowing that we had a long day ahead of us and lots of stuff we still wanted to see. I delivered my laptop back to my travelling friend so she could drive it home instead of me having to drag it through multiple trains and airports. Mom and I used our multi-day metro passes (which we totally got our money's worth on! I highly recommend!) to get out to the Eastern Market which is normally just food items all week but on the weekends get the lovely addition of craft vendors. I have a newly loved habit of taking home a small piece of art to hang in my home (remember last year's Bean painting?) so we purchased a neat little watercolor of the Capitol building since political science is kinda my thing. We then purchased tickets to do the "hop on, hop off" tourist bus where we proceeded to see as many monuments as possible, find a loved one in Arlington, and I proceeded to get sunburned. Lovely and unexpected. Oh well. It was a beautiful and warm day and I dearly enjoyed my mom's company.

When we wrapped up our touristy stuff, we headed back to my friend K's house to get our stuff by way of a bus since they were doing work on the trains so I thought it was a little amusing that this is how I got home that night: bus to train station, train to end of the line, taxi to airport, plane to Atlanta, Groome shuttle to Chattanooga, then my sweet guy picked me up. So yeah, travelling is exhausting.

I did a little laundry and hung out with my guy on Sunday then worked on Monday. Next post - camp.