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Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Travel - Richmond

This one will be short because I am running on MUCH less sleep that I had hoped for so I'm doing the best I can.

My summer of travel is about half over, I would estimate. I spent this weekend in Richmond, VA (I know, I should have just stayed in DC from last week!) at an event that their local GS council was hosting. It was a leadership event for 11th and 12th graders on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University and this was the inaugural event. It actually went really well - there were a few glitches but that is to be expected with an event this size for the first time around. I am proud of how their staff put together a great event for these girls; even more, it was exciting to be with staff from another council that are just as passionate about older girl programming as my team and I are currently!

Left home at 6:45 Friday morning, picked up our van at the office, drove to Knoxville and picked up one staff member, drove to Johnson City and picked up another staff member, then another 5 hours to Richmond. A total of almost 19 hours in the car this weekend and about 10 hours of sleep total leaves me exhausted and looking forward to a few nights of good sleep.

Home for half a day tomorrow (here for a total of 19 hours) - long enough to wash clothes and pack again and I will leave for Columbus (for another 3.5 hours of driving). Honestly, I am super excited about seeing my parents, a trip with them (+my bff!!) but I miss my guy. I drove across town to have dinner with him tonight on his dinner break but I will haul it back to Chattanooga by next weekend to spend 2 uninterrupted days with him!