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Monday, July 9, 2012

Too short.

I spent the afternoon at a funeral today. I am always so torn about attending funerals...of course I wouldn't NOT go but how do you celebrate when you are so sad? This funeral was especially poignant - it was for a 10-year-old Girl Scout who was killed tragically in a freak windstorm Thursday night when their boat overturned on the lake. I knew her from multiple weekend camps and I have worked with her mom as a volunteer and troop leader. I can picture her smiling face at camp, as clearly as if it was this past weekend.  It is so hard to see families crying - mommas that will never get to hug their babies again, daddies that will never get to take their little girls camping again. And having to keep living, beyond their grief and their pain. I fully trust in the knowledge of my Savior - and thankfully they do too - but how do you weather this storm? My heart cannot imagine.

My favorite part of the funeral - is that odd to say? - was when the pastor reminded us that she had rededicated her life to Christ just 5 days before her death. He spoke about how it was a beautiful gift - not for Zoe - but for the rest of us who knew her and the community around her. A gift to see her set an example of how we should live - happily, beautifully, fully-dedicated to a life serving Christ.